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Postal service Terms and conditions

Where can I have my ticket delivered to?

Billetto ships tickets to all over Europe. Expected delivery time to Danish* addresses is max. 5 days, and for other European countries it is max 10 days.

Do I have to be at home when my tickets are delivered?

Letters sent by Billetto will be sent as regular B-type mail to the address given. Since Billetto’s ticket are equipped with their own unique bar codes, there is no need for sending them as a recommended letter, which would need signage upon delivery. Even though you have chosen to have your tickets sent by mail, you will always have access to printable tickets both in the confirmation mail sent to you immediately after your ticket purchase has been completed, as well as under My tickets when logging into your personal Billetto profile. Furthermore, you will have access to your tickets via the Billetto app, which is available in the App Store.

My tickets were not delivered on time. What do I do?

Since your tickets are sent to printing and shipment by Post Danmark immediately after ordering, please contact Post Danmark’s customer support on +45 70 70 70 30 or via mail

*Faroe Islands and Greenland not included