Know your attendees better

Billetto offers a full-fledged audience management system that collects and stores customer data in one place, enabling you to craft unique experiences based on their preferences.

All the attendee sales data in one place

We provide in-depth data related to your event sales — from sales channels to order details — to help you improve your event strategy and increase revenue.

Collect additional customer information to deliver a top-class event experience

Add additional Booking questions to your event's checkout and use the answers to drive decisions for your live event. Use this feature to collect info about food preferences, shirt sizes or marketing insights.

Automatic attendee communication.

We manage all kinds of communication with the customers on your behalf. Be it order confirmation emails, reminder notifications, abandoned cart emails and event cancellation messages.

Refund or resend ticket with a few clicks

It's easy to find the tickets and refund them or resend them to the attendees. These things happen at all events, and we help you manage it at every point.

Get all the attendee data on-the-go

Create your event, reach a wide range of potential ticket buyers, and manage your campaigns using our mobile app.

Segment your attendees for best results

Create Target Groups based on your attendees and their data for various promotion features on Billetto. Use the audience segments to set up a special ticket offer, for example.

Run your event with Billetto

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